• Does your family seek wonder and mystery from around the world? Are your imaginations unbounded by time and place? Do you like to look at things that were made to be looked at? Do you like to make things to look at? If so, this is the place where all other places meet.

  • Family-Friendly Art

    No need to arm yourself against boredom here. Because cool things happen in armor. In fact, cool things happen in all art, and we’ve got lots of it. Even better, admission is free for kids under 14. But watch out—they might leave with all kinds of crazy ideas.

    Your next step?

    Roll up your sleeves!
  • Hands-On Activities

    Hey—get over here and touch stuff! Did you get a good idea in the gallery? Of course you did. So try to make it. Or read more about it or play games about it. The Ryan Education Center is your kitchen table away from home. And you can come back anytime—it’s free.

    Now what?

    Do it!
  • Family Programs & Events

    You want to do WHAT? Learn about art while dancing? Hear exotic stories and tales while listening to live music? Stroll in a magic garden and then create something beautiful? Hey, you know what? So do we. And we often do, so check out our family programs calendar.

    Tell me more.

    Let us be your guide.
  • Tours & Guides

    Give yourself over to our experts. You can be guided by voices with our audio guide or guided by themes using our mini-tours. Warning: possible side effects include a feeling of stimulation and memories that you might not be able to shake for a long, long time.

    Plan your visit.