• A big FYI: Michelle and Barack Obama had their first date at the Art Institute. We’re just saying. It’s not like spending the day at the museum means that you’ll become the most powerful person in the world. But then again, if you come with the right date, you just might feel that way. We can help make it happen.

  • Wingman, Matchmaker

    It’s not in our mission statement. But we can’t help ourselves. The galleries are so full of depictions of passion, emotion, and longing that when you come with your date—whether it’s the first time or a long-needed date night—things can get carried away.

    Now what?

    Get carried away.
  • Internal Travel Agent

    You and your date can move through exotic places or extraordinary times—and all while standing side by side. And think how intriguing you’ll look as you gaze at something breathtaking. That little furrow in your brow? Irresistible!

    Some help here?

    Calling all tours!
  • In-House Cupid

    Not familiar with art? Too nervous to decide? Pick up a mini-tour. You can decide together—or maybe send a message with the tour you pick. First Date? April in Paris? Many interesting possibilities. An added bonus—it’s a memento of your date.

    After that?

    Time to celebrate.
  • And to Drink?

    Coffee for a pick-me-up? Wine for a calm-me-down? We should warn you: as you share the exquisite cuisine of Terzo Piano and gaze at the changing light on Chicago’s skyline, there may be silence. But it’s the good kind. Oh, it’s very good.

    Plan your visit.